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K40Y-9 400V 0.033uF paper capacitor


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  • Model: 558868
  • 750 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Epsilon, Odessa, Ukraine


K40Y-9 capacitors well known in Russia and abroad.

Being almost full equivalent of US Bumblebee capacitors they far surpass them in quality.

Especially loved the data capacitors "guitarists."

Voltage - 200, 400, 630, 1000V capacitance of 470 pF to 1 microfarad .

PICTURE on this page show only the general view of this capacitor and may have different size.

Table of dimentions by voltage in capacity:

0 200V 400V 630V 1000V
470pF 18x5x82
680pF 18x5x82
100pF 17x5x80
1500pF 17x5x80
2200pF 18x5x82
3300pF 18x5x82 18x6x8
4700pF 17x5x80
6800pF 17x5x80 21x8x84
0.01uF 18x6x82 21x8x84 29x10x88
0.015uF 21x8x84 23x10x85 29x10x86
0.022uF 21x8x84 29x10x90 38x11x97
0.033uF 21x8x84 23x10x86 29x10x86 30x14x90
0.047uF 23x10x86 29x10x90 30x16x86
0.068uF 23x10x85 36x10x100 30x14x90 38x16x97
0.1uF 29x10x89 31x14x91 30x16x92 43x16x101
0.15uF 36x10x97 30x16x86 50x16x110 55x18x114
0.22uF 31x14x90 43x16x103 42x18x104 53x20x112
0.33uF 30x16x89 42x18x104 53x20x112
0.47uF 42x16x101 54x18x114 62x20x122
0.68uF 42x18x104 63x20x117
1uF 54x20x112


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 26 April, 2015.

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