K40Y-9 1000V

K40Y-9 1000V

K40Y-9 1000V, the most bigest from K40Y-9 PIO capacitors. Depending on the size, capacity and voltage have a large number of applications, from vacuum tube amplifier, guitar amp, by-pass caps, or guitar tone caps.

The smallest size among microfarad microfarad has a 1000V / 0.01uF capacitor (in our shop we have both versions of this nominal, K40Y-9 and K40Y-9B red). I would like to mention the military design and production of a of this capacitors type, made to work in hell, in the ass at Satan during the Apocalypse.

Hi-durable, covered with a layer of copper, nickel, strong lacquer body, sealed with thick metal with glass insulators on the sides. 

The only negative is the variation of the capacity, but I’m happy to pick out matched caps or matched quad for half of sandwich for you.

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