K40Y-9 200V

K40Y-9 200V

K40Y-9 200V,  Paper in oil capacitors, with smallest size in the microfarad range.

From tiny 200V to 0.01μF (or 10 nF) with D = 6 mm and a length of 18 mm to a huge 200 V 1.0 μF with D = 20 mm and a length of 54 mm. For example, 200 V 0.047 microfarads have great sound with the Gibson Strato Telecaster, 200 Volts / 0.033 microfarads are ideal for the P-90 Pickup.

As with all K40Y9 capacitors, it can be used to solve various problems.

Small containers are used as the tone capacitors, other caps as bypass or coupling caps. If you already have a SPRAGUE VITAMIN Q or Orange Drop, you must buy these K40Y-9 PIO capacitors.

I am happy to choose matched pair capacitors for half of burger.

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