K40Y-9 400V

K40Y-9 400V

K40Y-9 400V, PIO Russian capacitors. With low capacities, this voltage is most loved by our favorite guitar maniacs, who for the last money will not buy food for their beloved dog but will definitely buy K40Y-9 400V 0.022uF or 400V 0.047uF.

Also pay attention to the most rare edition of this capacitor, K40Y-9T 400V / 0.022uF, which can be met as rarely as the left paw of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the forest during a walk. This tropical version (edition), has a heavy-duty case and can work in aggressive environments with high temperature and humidity.

Heavy-duty copper-plated, then nickel-plated and lacquered body, with ends welded with thick metal washers with glass insulators.

K40Y-9 have spraying on the ends of a dielectric roll. It has the same “non-inductive”  technology for terminating the leads as Metalized paper in oil. (In K40U-9, the foil on both sides of the roll is extended to 1 mm and low-melting solder is deposited on it). Thus, capacitor K40U-9 has non-standard, as is customary for paper / foil (paper / foil) capacitors, supplementary electrodes having only two points of contact with aluminum tape, but multiple contact in one hundred places of foil.

K40Y-9 400V - the most popular Russian audio PIO capacitors.

I am pleased to make matched pairs by capacity and ESR for you, for just a slice of pizza.

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