400V / 0.082uF (82nF=82000pf) K73-16 Polyethylene Capacitor

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Axial polyethylene terephthalate metallized capacitors with with constant capacity K73-16

Designed to work in DC, AC, pulsating current and pulsed mode.

Main characteristics:

- Non-inductive design

- Increased insulation resistance

- Wide operating temperature range

- Aluminum Corrosion Resistant Case

- Axial leads are convenient for surface mounting.

- Ability to self-repair of the dielectric during breakdown

Voltage 400V
Capacity 0.082uF = 82nF = 82000pf
Tolerance 10% from nominal capacity
Dimantions Diameter = 11mm, lenght = 20mm
Dielectric type Polyethylene terephthalate dielectric type

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