K40P-2 400V / 0.033uF (33nF=33000pF) Paper in Oil (PIO) capacitor

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First letters and digits in K40P means dielectric type, so this K40P-2 and
K40Y-9 have similar dielxctric.

Paper in Oil capacitors - Holy Grail for those, who are looking for "the same" vintage sound.

Capacitors uses in Hi-End and Hi-Fi amplifiers.

Elastic bottom, crumbly top, soft compression middle. Amazing behavior of this caps can be used in guitar electronics and directly into  guitars.

If you are looking for high quality sound at a reasonable price, K40p-2 - is your choice.

Voltage 1000V
Capacity 0.015uF = 15nF = 15000pF
Tolerance 10% from nominal capacity
Dimantions Diameter = 10mm, lenght = 29mm
Dielectric type Paper in oil

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